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NEW ROLEPLAY! The Clan's Reckoning!

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NEW ROLEPLAY! The Clan's Reckoning!

Post by Rew on Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Something dark is on the horizon.
Blood, loss, anarchy, and death...
The future is uncertain for many cats of the Clans.
But one thing is certain.
Who will you fight for?


After a deadly encounter within the Dark Forest, it's time to strike back.
Four stars, four Clans.. By the end of the night, only two stars will shine.
There's nothing left. Death fills places in the hierarchy.
A civil uprising stirs within the confines of the river.
Will the Clans survive?
Will your Clan survive?
Will you?

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Re: NEW ROLEPLAY! The Clan's Reckoning!

Post by Rew on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:29 pm

(Update!: Explanation and Synopsis of What's Going Down™️)

After a long, unplanned hiatus of the Dark Forest event, the staff here at TEF are going to get roleplay moving again. This new plot will open up a lot of interesting opportunities for our players, as it's something that's never really happened in TEF history before!

As some of our older players may know, a lot of the higher rank spots (leader, deputy, medicine cats) were filled by inactive players. Namely of which was our owner Jade, whom filled about four high-ranked spots. This is not a post to blame any of our inactive players (I love you, Jade <3), but it is an issue that's now been resolved.

During the 'The Clan's Reckoning' event, multiple cats from multiple high positions will be assassinated.

More on this below. Wink


In the Dark Forest, many cats are trained to become vicious warriors. For some cats, this is like a dream. But what happens when some cats want to change their mind?

In a sudden turn of events, one of the leaders of the Dark Forest is murdered. Four cats are responsible, each hailing from each Clan. In a fit of fury over her lost mate, Beetleburr has killed all cats responsible...

And will send assassins in the dead of night to enact vengeance.

Once dawn breaks over the Clans, chaos will ensue.

WindClan has no deputy.

ThunderClan has no medicine cat.

ShadowClan has no leader.

RiverClan will lose everything.

As fear takes hold of the cats of the wild, everything changes. In a fit of desperation, the Clans will have to ally together to survive. But with WindClan mostly intact, ShadowClan being forced to send their medicine cat apprentice to ThunderClan for training, RiverClan on the face of a civil war, and negativity abound, tensions will not ease over easily.

In the face of war, both physical and spiritual, one question remains...

Who will survive the reckoning of the Clans?


The roleplay will commence sometime tonight (Feb. 28th, 2017), as we begin the first phase. This will, at the very least, cover the initial period of cats waking up and reacting to everyone being dead.

IF YOU WANT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR REPLACING THE ROLES LOST, please submit an application on this forums (not this specific thread, however). Applications have already begun, so please see Jay's post.

Before I go into detail on who will die, there's something to note about the RiverClan civil war. There will be two sides, or "factions", and you may have your RiverClan cat ally with whoever you please. The decision on whether or not players can apply for the position of faction leaders is still being discussed, so please check back here later.

Please, feel free to contact me or Jay if there's any questions.


May StarClan grant easy rest to the following souls...





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