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Calling all Roleplay Ideas!

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Calling all Roleplay Ideas!

Post by Jay on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:52 pm

Do you have an interesting roleplay idea that you'd like to share? Post it here! We're looking for plots that everyone can be a part of, and I believe we're pretty open for any ideas! Don't be shy, no idea is a bad idea. I'd love to hear them! <3

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Re: Calling all Roleplay Ideas!

Post by Rew on Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:19 pm

watch as rew adds a really long and unnecessary comment to a post that doesn't need her lectures

Thought I'd stop by and help kick off the discussion. These are going to be very general (with the helps of generics like Cat A and Cat B), and I'm going to be providing tips on tropes/concepts one could employ in order to come up with their own plots in the future. Feel free to add onto this and build on it, or take something I said here and make your reply/post expanding it.

TEF's roleplay, outside of most server events, tends to err on the side of being character-motivated. This is due to the more 'restrictive' and realistic nature of our roleplay style. As such, this will be the type of storytelling I'll be discussing.

For a roleplay that has more depth than simple conversations about weather and mundane Clan happenings, conflict is necessary. Given the above, conflicts in general TEF RP will be between characters.

Here's some simple prompt ideas based off of that.

(For reference, the terms I will be referring to are credit to the site of Mythcreants, under their article, "Devising Conflict Between Protagonists" by Chris Winkle. Would link if formation would let me :////)

(Personality-clash conflict): Cat A never appreciated Cat B's flirty attitude. Who do they think they are, taking advantage of people's feelings like that, anyway? With memories of a past, bitter relationship weighing on their mind, Cat A takes matters into their own paws.

(Value-clash(?) conflict): Cat A believes in being fair above all else, even if it means they become a "pushover". Then Cat B comes along, gathering every cat's favor and praise. With each debt of gratitude that Cat B gets, Cat A suspects more and more that their collections of favors is more sinister than it seems. It's when the first accident occurs that Cat A can't stand by anymore.

(Conflicts of interest): Cat B is determined to become so honorable a warrior, that the leader will have no choice but to appoint them deputy when the time comes. But Cat A's scaring the Clan with talk of messages from beyond, whether it be from StarClan or the Dark Forest, or if Cat A is even in their right mind, is uncertain. The only certain thing is that Cat B's either going to have to stand by and watch, or lose points of honor trying to stop it.

(Value-clash/differing experience conflict): Cat A thought they were good enough member of the Clan. Too bad they don't think much of it anymore, after an accident/skirmish leaves them with no memory, far away from their camp. Their determination to recover what was lost is thrown off when they find a Cat B, teetering on the edge of death. Cat A is forced to nurse them back to health, fighting both for Cat B's life, and their own distant, almost-dreamy sense of right and wrong... For Cat B's values and experiences don't exactly align with Cat A's.

Might come back to this, and go over specific tropes that could be interesting to toy with.

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Re: Calling all Roleplay Ideas!

Post by Rew on Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:49 pm

Also, adding onto my post: For those of you considering adding a prompt, remember that the idea of a prompt is to "prompt" the imaginations of the reader, to let their own imagination take control of the idea and make it their own. This is by no means required, but a good prompt will be vague enough to let everyone else fill in the blanks, but concise and clear enough to give the reader a solid foundation/let them understand the concept.

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Re: Calling all Roleplay Ideas!

Post by Sponsored content

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