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Suffix Ideas

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Suffix Ideas

Post by violet on Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:13 pm

All suffixes listed in this are valid and able to be used on the server! If you're having trouble thinking of a suffix for your new warrior, feel free to take ideas from here. The suffixes are listed by personality, talents, and appearance (suffixes based on appearance tend to be used more often if the cat is a generic warrior)! There are also suffixes here that are only for medicine cats. Not only can you use these suffixes to reward your character who became a new warrior, but you can also use one when you first make a warrior! This way you can give your cat a personality or talents right off the bat.
You can find a list of prefixes here!
Bold names denote a traditional suffix, for those who want to focus on the traditional naming system.
Note: Click the category to open the list of suffixes for it!

-belly: a jovial cat
-blossom: a kind cat with excellent mothering skills
-bracken: a strong-hearted cat
-briar: a witty and intelligent cat, sarcastic
-bright: an optimistic or smart cat
-cloud: a calm, placid cat
-cry: the cat has a strong voice
-dawn: a bright, optimistic cat
-dusk: a laid-back cat
-dust: a quiet, thoughtful cat
-fawn: a gentle cat
-fern: a resilient cat
-flame: a passionate cat
-flower: a motherly cat
-fox: a cunning cat
-frost: a cool and smart personality
-gorse: a tough, resilient cat
-heart: fiercely loyal, with a strict moral code
-ice: a cold, quiet cat
-light: a cheerful, optimistic cat
-mist: a calm, laid-back cat
-moss: a kind, gentle cat
-mouse: a timid cat
-path: the cat is certain in their actions
-petal: a kind, motherly cat
-pool: a calm, serene cat
-poppy: a calm, relaxed cat
-puddle: a tranquil cat
-rain: a calm, melodic cat
-seed: a kind, optimistic cat
-shell: a serene cat
-shine: a cheerful, optimistic cat
-skip: an energetic cat with a bouncy gait
-sky: a smart, picturesque cat
-slip: a cat with a smooth, easy gait
-snow: a calm, smart cat
-song: a free-spirited cat
-stem: an intelligent cat
-storm: an unpredictable cat, short-tempered
-stone: a trustworthy or stubborn cat
-sun: a bright, optimistic cat
-thistle: a temperamental cat with a sharp personality
-thorn: a witty, intelligent cat; sarcastic; sharp wit
-throat: a cat with a strong voice
-willow: a gentle, yet strong cat
-whisper: a soft speaker

-bee: a cat with distinctive tabby markings
-bumble: a cat with distinctive tabby markings
-burr: the cat has spiky fur
-bush: the cat has fluffy fur
-dapple: the cat has a spotted pelt
-ear: ears are the colour of the prefix
-face: an especially attractive cat
-feather: a long-haired cat
-fleck: a tortoiseshell or ticked tabby
-fur: a general suffix
-mask: the cat’s face is noticeably unique
-patch: the cat has patches of colour
-pelt: a general suffix
-ripple: a tabby
-speck: a tortoiseshell or ticked tabby
-speckle: a tortoiseshell or ticked tabby
-splash: patches of colour
-spot(s): a spotted tabby or a patched cat
-stripe: a tabby cat
-throat: throat is the colour of the prefix
-tuft: a long-haired cat or with tufted ears

-bird: a cat who is skilled at climbing and balancing
-branch: a cat especially good at climbing
-fall: a cat skilled at climbing
-flight: a cat with an affinity for jumping
-leap: a cat who can make great leaps
-leg: a fast cat, or one with strong legs
-pounce: the cat is a skillful jumper
-spring: a cat who can make great leaps
-tail: a cat with an excellent sense of balance
-wing: a cat with a great ability in jumping

-breeze: gracefulness as well as speed
-foot: a very fast cat
-hare: a quick cat
-runner: a fast cat
-step: a cat with a quick, bouncy gait


(the cat is a skilled swimmer)


-blaze: fearlessness and ferocity in battle
-burr: the cat is a skillful and smart fighter
-claw: skilled at fighting
-fang: equally skilled at hunting & fighting
-fire: unpredictable in battle
-strike: a skilled fighter
-talon: a fast moving fighter
-thorn: a cat with sharp claws and wit
-tooth: equally skilled at hunting

-eye(s): good at observing, excellent vision
-fang: equally skilled at hunting & fighting
-hawk: a cat skilled at hunting from the trees
-nose: a fantastic tracker
-pad: a stealthy hunter
-shade: a stealthy hunter
-stalk: a stealthy hunter
-tooth: equally skilled at fighting
-whisker: an exceptionally skilled hunter
-whisper: a stealthy hunter


(please know these are only for medicine cats!)

Skilled at using and finding herbs

A cat with a strong connection to StarClan


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